INFLEX – Gold Standard Of RFI Tokens

INFLEX is a RFI Static reward token unlike any other. We are undoubtably the gold standard of Reflect-style tokens, in terms of safety and economic efficiency. There has been various, well justified, security concerns and inefficiencies with practically every RFI token in existence.

INFLEX seeks to set the benchmark with regards to RFI smart contract design, by addressing the identified flaws of our predecessors.

Differentiators Against Normal Tokens

RFI Static rewards and automated liquidity generation are the primary differentiators here for INFLEX in comparison to vanilla tokens.

Through algorithmic actions within our smart contracts, INFLEX transactions are taxed a trading fee, which is redistributed to the benefit of hodlers in the form of static reflection back into holder wallets and additions to INFLEX’s exchange liquidity pools.

This creates an internal source of yield for the token without the need for any other accompanying product, and incentivises users to hold our tokens for the long haul.

Against RFI Comparables

Unfortunately, existing and prominent RFI tokens have many flaws from security and market risk standpoints, likely due to incompetent coding or malicious intentions. This is also what fueled the motivation behind INFLEX, to make a gold standard of RFI in terms of coding best practices, security, and economic efficiencies.

With INFLEX, users get an audited and highly secure product, with multiple measures in place to prevent manipulation by developers. The INFLEX contract is also owned by a discrete 24hr timelock contract, so users have ample time to review changes before implementation.

✓ Value Protection by taxing sellers and deflationary mechanisms
✓ Incentivising hodling for static rewards
✓ Regular Token burns to increase token value and incentivise rapid growth
✓ Community-driven Fair Launch Project with no pre-sale or investors
✓ Audited and highly secure product
✓ Innovations in swapandLiquify function prevents accumulation of BNB in contract and creates additional source of token buying pressure
✓ Token Contract owned by 24hr timelock to give users ample time for review of any changes
✓ Strong Dev team incentivised to continue building and expanding on token utility for the long haul
✓ Concrete plans to generate economic value with INFLEX platform with no gimmick mechanisms
✓ Removed problematic and custom code of RFI counterparts that gives room for manipulation and rug-pulling

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Fair Launch Supply: 777,000,000,000,000

Dev Supply: 223,000,000,000,000

  • Milestone Burn Programme: 100,000,000,000
  • Marketing and Partnerships Supply: 23,000,000,000
  • Platform Development Costs: 50,000,000,000
  • INFLEX Project Launchpad: 50,000,000,000

Transaction Fee Schedule

Total Trade Fee: 10%

5% is redistributed to INFLEX holders through a dynamic rebasing mechanism

5% is sent to add liquidity for BNB-INFLEX liquidity pool on PancakeSwap